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The InfoStride

The InfoStride News Portal

The InfoStride delivers the latest breaking news covering politics, celebrity, sports, business, social media, entertainment, technology, press releases etc.

The InfoStride was conceived on 17th August, 2009 as an online platform to provide viable information to people across different facets of life. It all started as InfoStrides Forum from inception and later changed to The InfoStrides on 11th April, 2010. The current brand name, The InfoStride was coined on the 5th July, 2014. The InfoStride (The InfoStrides) was a registered business in Finland between 2010 and 2015 before its core operational based was moved to Nigeria.

The InfoStride is a platform for information sharing and knowledge exchange. It has news portal and open community where users can explore, share new information and post further request if any. We encourage freedom of information sharing and retrieval; and keeps you informed ahead of others with free and complete information.

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The InfoStride
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