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Farm Businesses

Our Farm Businesses include Agriculture, Agro-allied Processing, Farming, Farm Machineries, and Farm Business Consultancy.

RHEMOY Farm Businesses

We are contributing our quotas to the nation’s food security and sustainability!

The other focus areas are agriculture and farm businesses that will let us be a contributory force to addressing the societal needs for food security and sustainability, most notably in the under-developed and developing nations.

The Most Adaptable Approach

Our approach is to bring new look into the agriculture ecosystems through out-of-box thinking and an application of technology.

Our farm is home to hygienically fertilized and cultured plantains for mass market supply and consumption.

We leverage on our people, processes, technology and innovation to ensure we contribute to sustainable food chains in Nigeria and beyond.

Where our strengths lie

  • People
  • Processes
  • Possibilities

Our strengths will help transform the nation’s food chains and beyond.